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The effectiveness of homemade akapulko ointment in the treatment of fungal infection.


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College of Nursing - Capitol University

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Thesis Degree
Publication Date
October 2015


Homemade akapulko, a traditional medicine for fungal infection was used to treat 5 patients with tinea wersicolor and 4 patients with tinea corporis by applying the ointment on lesions that were severe, persistent, and lesions located in different parts of the body. The treatment was also associated with other independent variables such as age and gender. The active ingredient in akapulko for treating fungal infection is chrysophanic acid that can be extracted from akapulko and can also treat ringwork, scapies, and eczema. Treatment of the lesion is classified as no clearing of lesions, partial clearing, and complete clearing over a period of one month with a thin application of akapuldo on the lesions twice a day. The akapulko ointment was made from washed fresh akapulko leaves fried cooking oil and mixed with white candle wax and when cooled, stored in clean container. Necessary permissions were requested and the patients were informed of the program and their  permissions were also solicited. The respondents were mostly 40-50 years old, 56%  male and 44% female. The severity of the lesions was 56% moderate and lesions were mostly in the extremities and the trunk. 89% of the lesions were 5 or more months already being suffered by the patients. The patients have not used any other medication for their skin problem. After one month of treatment, akapulko failed to clear the lesions for those affected by tinea versicolor but was able to achieve from partial to complete clearing for tinea corporis.


The objective of the study is to assess the effectiveness of akapulko -a traditional medicinal cure for fungal infections tinea versicolor and tinea corporis among nine (9) patients from Barangay Puntod of Cagayan de Oro during the year  2015. Specifically, 

1. The study aimed to determine whether age and gender of the patients are determinants in the treatment 

2. To assess whether the severity, location, and the duration of the lesions affected the treatment 

3. Compare the effectiveness of akapulko with other fungal medicine



1. Yu, Angel An J., Abao, Pretzel C., Po, Sheena Aira A., Bonono, Julie Ann. The effectiveness of homemade akapulko ointment in the treatment of fungal infection.. Capitol University, Cagayan de Oro City. 2015. (BS) Capitol University, 2016


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