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Implementation of essential intrapartum and new born care (EINC) of nurses in Northern Mindanao Medical Center delivery room.


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College Nursing - Capitol University

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Thesis Degree
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October 2015


Recognizing that the intrapartum period (labour, delivery, first week of the infant 's life) is very critical for reducing or eliminating infant mortality, the World Health Organization and implemented by the Department of Health in the Philippines recommended the use of the Essential Intrapartum for Newborn Care (EINC) for all hospitals. Anchored in the Theory of Comfort by Katherine Kolcaba and the Theory of Maternal Role Attainment of Ramona Mercer, EINC developed a checklist against which intrapartum care is compared. This study was done in the Northern Medical Center delivery room in Cagayan de Oro City in the second semester of 2015 among six mothers and their caregivers particularly nurses. The study showed that the nurses and caregivers followed 95% of the protocol. They were very careful with the steps during the first three minutes of the infant's life but negligent during the preparatory period such as in checking the temperature of the delivery room, to ask the mother whether she is in the position that she is most comfortable for delivery, and in removing all the jewelries prior to preparation for labor. 


The study focussed in the implementation of the new DOH protocol, the Essential Intrapartum and Newborn Care (EINC) in the delivery room of Northern Mindanao Medical Center Cagayan de Oro specifically in comparing the activities in the delivery room with the checklist that indicates the step by step sequence in the new protocol. Specifically, the study would like to find out if the new protocol helped lower down the mortality rate during  delivery.2. The staff of Northern Mindanao Medical Center Delivery Room follows the new protocol.


1. Abugotal, Imee Joy A., Faelden, Jerl Nica S., Montecillo, Kristine Joy B., Cagasan, Cylyn T., Labajo, Mylene M.. Implementation of the Essential Intrapartum of Newborn Care of Nurses in the Northern Mindanao Medical Center Delivery Room. Capitol University . 2015. (BS) Capitol University, 2015

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