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Effectiveness on the implementation of waste management of Capitol University.


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College of Nursing - Capitol University

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Thesis Degree
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October 2013


This study attempted to determine the Effectiveness on the implementation of waste management of Capitol University. An overall total respondent o 1,035 students from different colleges served as respondents of the research.

The findings of the study revealed that most of the students of Capitol University were practicing the 5'S of waste management namely: sort, systematize, sweep, sanitize and self-discipline. The students agreed the effectiveness of waste management color coding system and they have knowledge in throwing waste materials in proper color coding of trash bin.

Recommendation of the study included maintenance of their proper implementation of waste management for the next coming years should be 100% aware about implementation of waste management segregation  policy to come up with a high level of compliance on waste management approach, be updated about the new trends in disposing and some new equipment used in the implementation of waste management should disseminate the color coding system of waste management segregation, should observe the attitude of being discipline in throwing the specific waste materials in proper color trash bin, conduct a seminar focusing about Implementation of waste management segregation in terms of color coding system in Capitol University.



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